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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Require Assistant Marketing Manager

A Computer Hardware Services providing company requires an Assistant Marketing Manager. Candidates should have some field experience of IT Equipments and Services. Have pleasant personality and positive attitude. Computer skills are preferable. Please call for walk in interview urgently +92 321 2797881

Monday, April 7, 2008

What is an Open-end Unit Trust?

An open-end fund does not have a fixed pool of money. The fund manager continuously allows investors to join or leave the fund. The fund is set up as a Trust, with an independent trustee, who has custody over the assets of the trust. Each share of the trust is called a Unit and the fund itself is called a Unit Trust. The portfolio (pool) of investments of the Unit Trust is (normally) evaluated daily by the fund manager on the basis of prevailing market prices of the securities in the portfolio; this market value of the portfolio is divided by the number of Units issued to determine the Net Asset Value (NAV) per Unit. An investor can join or leave the fund on the basis of the NAV per Unit. However, the fund manager may have a small charge called “load” added to the selling price or deducted from the redemption price of the Units so as to cover distribution costs. Under the Pakistan law, an open-end fund is set up under the Non Banking Finance Companies Rules.

What is Management Fee of an AMC?

The Asset Management Company charges a management fee, which is usually charged as a percentage of the Net Assets of the fund. The fee is calculated on a daily basis and in most cases paid to the Asset Management Company by the Trustee on a monthly basis.