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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Financial Services in Pakistan

ACME Financial Services (IFA)
ACME Financial Services - Independent Financial Advisors
Sub: Consultancy for Financial Planning
What Is Financial Planning? FINANCIAL PLANNING is a long life process that assists you, your business and your family in taking control of your financial future. By setting financial goals, developing strategies, and monitoring the progress on a regular basis, the probability of achieving positive results is greatly increased.
Need of a Financial Advisor
Everyone with substantial assets, needs sound financial advice
Sound financial planning, particularly in personal financing, to safeguard the wealth
The greater the wealth more complex the affairs, the more it needs guidance
Financial Planning covers the following areas:
1. Investment 2. Mutual Funds 3. Wealth Management 4. Building Capital
5. Children Education6. Retirement 7. Estate Planning 8. Financial Independence
9. Employee's Benefits 10. Protection
ACME Financial Services is one of the independent consulting firms dedicated in financial planning, and management consultations to individuals, companies and corporate sector. ACMEFS offers you value-added guidance on a wide variety of financial issues that improves your present and future plans also.
At ACME Financial Services, we diligently understand the situation. That's why we provide a free, no obligation and impartial financial planning consultation. We will look into your situation in its totality and advise you accordingly. We do not want to just sell clients mutual bonds or investments funds etc., we want to help in planning finances and managing wealth. To achieve the goal, we have to know what your current situation is and how everything fits together.If you are interested in financial planning, call us +92 321 2797881 without any hesitation.
Shabbeer Hussain
Chief Consultant
ACME Financial Services
Independent Financial Advisors
Ph: 021 7095238, 8695075-6, 8358269
Mobile: 0321 2797881, 0322 3557534

Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

Investment Opportunities in Pakistan
Invest in Pakistan while living and working in Pakistan or abroad. ACME Finacial Services is offering financial services consultancy for attractive investment returns with lowest risk exposure and minimum time horizon in Pakistan.
Salient Features:
Attractive returns compared to long term fixed deposits & similar saving schemes·
Minimum investment is as low as Rs. 5,000/-·
Encashment - within 6 working days
Tax free investment under Government regulations·
Exemption from Zakat on submission of Affidavit·
Can be used as collateral for availing bank financing·
Tax rebate benefit for individuals for an investment up to Rs.150,000/-
Investment as easy as 1,2,3.........STEPS TO INVEST We offer you value-added guidance on a wide variety of financial issues that improves your present and future plans also. If you are interested in investment, financial planning, saving etc. call us +92 321 2797881 without any hesitation.
Financial Consultant
ACME Financial Services
Ph: +92 21 7095238 , 8695075-6
Mobile: +92 321 2797881 , 0322 3557534